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Montag, 27.02.2023

Making women visible in philosophy and history of science

Hybid interdisciplinary workshop from 7 to 8 March 2023

Dienstag, 21.02.2023

Summerschool Lisbon 2023 - Apply now!

"Urban imaginary – exploring our urban futures" SUMMER SCHOOL 3. - 7. July 2023, Lisbon, Portugal

Dienstag, 07.02.2023

Call for Applications - Summerschool 2023 Grindelwald

MA Political, Economic and Legal Philosophy Call for Applications (for stipends covering travel and accomodation): Berne-Bari-Bochum-Graz Summer…

Montag, 06.02.2023

In Memoriam Joseph Raz

In Memoriam Joseph Raz

Dienstag, 31.01.2023

PELP Movie Night #3

On February 23th at 18:30, we will be watching "Zeit der Kannibalen (Age of Cannibals)" together.

Mittwoch, 25.01.2023

Nachlese Science Talk > Optimismus trotz allem? Wie uns Wissenschaft und Forschung dabei helfen können

Podiumsdiskussion mit Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas H. Meyer (Institut für Philosophie, Universität Graz), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Veronika Job (Fakultät für…

Donnerstag, 19.01.2023

Colloquium Moral and Political Philosophy

Dr. Francisco Garcia-Gibson (LSE) will discuss his latest research on "Liability in climate defensive force".

Mittwoch, 11.01.2023

PELP Movie Night

Lights out, camera on, action! You are warmly invited to join us at the PELP movie night / semester closing event next Tuesday, 17th January, to…

Donnerstag, 01.12.2022

Fellows Day - Climate Change Graz Field of Excellence

Fellows Day, December 6th 2022, from 10:00 until 12:30 Sitzungszimmer 15.21, RESOWI (Universitätsstraße 15, Bauteil A, 2. OG) afterwards meet and…

Mittwoch, 30.11.2022

Colloquium "Climate harming: Crime, or casus belli?"

We cordially invite you to Ross Mittiga´s colloquium on “Climate harming: Crime, or casus belli?”.

Dienstag, 08.11.2022

Joint Colloquium with Sant´Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa

Conference on Transitional, Distributive and Compensatory Justice in Responding to Global Challenges.

Dienstag, 08.11.2022

First PELP Movie Night

We´ll be watching the cult movie "The Godfather" together and flesh out the philosophical aspects of Francis Coppolas masterpiece. Join the show!

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