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Open Lecture with Prof. Michele Mangini (University of Bari)

Montag, 08.05.2023

We cordially invite you to join the open lecture by distinguished Prof. Michele Mangini (University of Bari, Department of Law) on Monday, May 08th 2023.

  • Monday, May 8th
  • 15.15 - 16.45
  • Heinrichstraße 28, HS 10.01



According to the ‘thesis of continuity’ political stability in a liberal democratic society requires a sound ethos to work well. A legal ethos has special importance because of its public role in institutions. In a constructive mode I argue for the best model to inspire legal professionals’ conduct. I start by considering the shortcomings of professionals as they appear from deontological codes and sociological analysis but also as nourished by the ‘formal-legal rationality’, theorized by Max Weber. This leaves political institutions without an ethos and prey of capitalistic greed and ‘amorality’. As antidotes I propose to examine at least two models proposed by Dworkin (Hercules), Kronman (the lawyer-statesman) and, finally, the model of ‘the reasonable judge’ who combines three qualities that are central to any legal professional: craft, practical wisdom and rhetoric. Legal ethos can be revived if models of this kind become part of the legal educational curriculum.

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