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Prof. Dr. Timothy Macklem - The Price We Pay For Justice

Donnerstag, 25.05.2023

Graz Jurisprudence Talk with dinstinguished Prof. Timothy Macklem (Queen Mary University London).

On May 25th, Prof. Dr. Timothy Macklem will talk about "The Price We Pay For Justice".


Justice has become a central concept in our modern world. Yet the concept‘s adequacy is not undisputed. One response to the debate is that we should be suspicious of alternatives to justice, precisely because they are by their nature less than fully just. Yet this response risks begging the question. Another possibility is that justice is the currency of a modern social order, and the institutions and practices that embody that order. Justice makes certain goods more possible, out of which we have built much of our lives. By the same token, it makes other, particularly more communal goods, less accessible. That is the price we pay for justice. We have reason to pay it in many cases, to accept it in others. Yet we also have reason to regret justice, even as we embrace it.


25.05.2023 / 17:00 s.t.
HS 15.11
RESOWI-Zentrum, Bauteil B, 1. OG
Universitätsstraße 15, 8010 Graz



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