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SoSe 2015: Drei Seminare von Gastlehrenden

Donnerstag, 05.02.2015

Auf die folgenden interessanten Blockseminare von hochqualifizierten externen Lehrenden möchten wir besonders hinweisen:


Climate Justice

von Sarah Kenehan (Marywood University)

This class will examine the problem of climate change from a normative perspective. As such, we will discuss the issues of uncertainty, distributive justice, rectificatory justice, and intergenerational justice as they arise in the context of climate change. 




Contractualism and Applied Political Philosophy

von Michael Gibb (University College Oxford)

Contractualists believe that we can discover what is right and wrong, just and unjust, by thinking about these questions in under certain carefully described conditions. Contractualist thinkers, such as John Rawls and T.M. Scanlon, differ in their views of what these conditions should be. Some think justice is finding a set of mutually beneficial rules. Others that it is what we would agree to if deciding behind "a veil of ignorance." These differences owe in part to different beliefs about the nature and value of concepts such as "humanity" and "autonomy." This course will explore these views in an effort to better understand how contractualist theories can inform normative discussions of pressing contemporary problems. Should there be absolute prohibitions against certain practices, such as torture? Can considerations of justice really shape the boundaries of acceptable behaviour in times of war? What is a crime against humanity, and in what way is it more serious than other crimes? We will explore contractualism through both classical and contemporary texts, and use these views to inform a range of practical problems drawn from philosophy, politics, and the law.




Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

von Michael Moehler (Virginia Tech)

This seminar offers an integrated study of philosophy, politics, and economics, and encourages students to look beyond the borders of individual academic disciplines. In addition, the seminar allows students to develop a unique set of skills that arises from actively engaging in the social sciences combined with philosophical reflection and it trains students to make decisions that are not only economically sound, but also socially, ethically, and politically informed. No prerequisites are required for this seminar, apart from intellectual curiosity and a sound grounding in at least one of the three core disciplines of this seminar. 



Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte Naemie Dubbels. 

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