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1. Are there any limitations on access for the PELP programme?

While there are some studies with limited access in Austria this does not apply to the PELP programme. No application, no limitation on access, no prior exams! However, there are certain requirements (see question 2) and international students may need to apply for admission at the University Graz and provide proof of sufficient German skills (see question 9 to 11).


2. What conditions must be met in order to start with the PELP programme?

According to the Curriculum the following requirements apply:

  1. Students need a bachelor degree (or a higher degree) in humanities, or social, cultural, economic, legal, and applied sciences, or any other equivalent national or international study program. The equivalence and entry qualifications will need to be recognised by the Rectorate.
  2. As PELP is a philosophical master degree the bachelor degree (or higher degree) must have subject-specific (philosophical) courses that sum up to at least 30 ECTS credits, or their equivalent.
  3. The subject-specific courses must include at least 6 ECTS credits from courses in introduction to logic, 5 ECTS credits in theoretical philosophy, 13 ECTS credits in practical philosophy, and 6 ECTS credits in history of philosophy.
  4. If the study completed does not meet these conditions (2 and 3), students can still enroll in the MA PELP. However, they will have to successfully complete additional courses in philosophy at the BA level (including logic, theoretical and practical philosophy and history of philosophy) to the extent of 30 ECTS before the end of their MA PELP studies. On the page "admission", you can find a step-by-step guide for the enrollement process in case you do not meet the requirements.


3. How do I enroll for the PELP programme?

For questions of enrollment please contact the Admissions Office. The fulfilment of all study requirements will be checked there. International students contact the Office for International Relations.


4. By when do I have to enroll for the PELP programme?

For questions of enrollment please contact the Admissions Office. For international students (form non EU-member states) other time limits may apply (see question 8).


5. What documents must be submitted for a successful application?

No other documents than those to inscribe at the University of Graz (see question 4) and the application form. International students will have to apply for admission at the University of Graz (see check-list for international students and question 8)


6. What are the tuition fees for the PELP programme?

Students from EU-member states and students with equal status do not have to pay any tuition fees for the first three years studying the PELP programme. Only the student union fee (ÖH Beitrag) of € 20,20 must be paid every semester. After this period the tuition fee is € 363.36 (+ € 20,20) per semester. Students from other countries have to pay € 726,72 (+ € 20,20). For further information and possible refunds please contact the Admissions Office.



7. Is it possible to continue with a doctorate after the completion of the PELP programme at an Austrian University?

Yes, however, for non-Austrian Universities different restrictions may apply.


8. I am an international student, what do I have to do?

You can find all the information you need and further assistance at the Office for International Relations.


9. Are there any scholarships for international students at the University of Graz?

The University of Graz is not able to provide any scholarships for international students.


10. Are there any mobility programmes at the University of Graz?

Please contact the International Students Unit.


11. How good must my German be to enroll in the PELP programme?

Generally the language of instruction is German. Some courses of the PELP programme will be held in English. International students whose knowledge of German cannot be sufficiently documented (ÖSD, level C1, "Oberstufe Deutsch"), have to pass the university's German exam before they can be admitted as regular degree students.
If the obtained secondary school leaving certificate is not equivalent to an Austrian diploma ("Reifezeugnis"), international students have to pass supplementary examinations. Information about the content of and the dates for these exams can be obtained in the Secretariat of the "Vorstudienlehrgang" (University Preparatory Course) of the universities of Graz: Neubaugasse 10, A-8020 Graz, Austria. Telephone: +43 (316) 831496.
This University Preparatory Course provides preparatory classes for the German exam as well as for the supplementary examinations. While taking these classes, international students are admitted as students with provisional status ("außerordentliche/r Studierende/r").


Univ.Prof. Dr.

Lukas Meyer

Ass.Prof. Dr.

Pranay Sanklecha

Substitute Coordinator


Project management; Primary Contact Person
Attemsgasse 25/II 8010 Graz
Kanita Kovacevic Mag.phil. Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2299
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9705

please contact for an appointment

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