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Stay abroad

Advantages of a stay abroad during your studies are, besides personal growth, the possibility to get further education outside of the own well-known institute and university and to get to know new methods, colleagues and topics. Hence, a stay abroad can be just as much a professional as a personal enrichment. The choice of going abroad depends often largely on the financing options open to students. For the PELP master there are different possibilities for organizing and funding a stay at another university abroad.

1. Double Degree with the university of Bochum: If you opt for the Double Degree version of the PELP master, a stay at the university of Bochum of a minimum of one semester is scheduled within your study program. You can get funding for the stay at Bochum by the Erasmus grant, for which you will have to observe the formal application procedures additionally. Here you can find more information on that topic.

2. Erasmus+/Erasmus+-International: Students enrolled in the PELP master can participate in the Erasmus+ program within the framework of which they can study for one year or one semester at one of the partner universities of the institute of philosophy in other European countries. Via the program Erasmus+-International there is the possibility to study at universities outside of Europe. Basic information on these possibilities can be found on the website of the Office for International Relations. The Erasmus coordinator for the institute for philosophy and therefore the person you can talk to about plans and projects is Norbert Paulo.

3. European Liberal Arts Network (ELAN): Furthermore, there is the possibility to apply for a stay abroad at one of eleven possible European partner universities within the ELAN network. The participation in this program allows you to work together with highly qualified researchers abroad, pursue an individual project within their field of studies, which might also prepare an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional graduation thesis. You will also have the option to fulfil the additional requirements to obtain the ELAN certificate, which will attest to your study progress in a network of renowned European universities. Here you can find further information about the implementation of the ELAN program at the university of Graz. The ELAN coordinators are Santiago Truccone-Borgogno and Kanita Kovačević and you can talk to them about your ideas and concerns.

4. Further options: Of course, there are many more possibilities to organize a stay abroad and get funding for it. Here we just want to refer you to the possibility of doing an internship or a research stay abroad, for which there different scholarships providing financial support. You can find all relevant information on the website of the Office for International Relations.


Univ.Prof. Dr.

Lukas Meyer

Dr. phil.

Santiago Truccone-Borgogno

Substitute Coordinator


Project management; Primary Contact Person
Attemsgasse 25/II 8010 Graz
Kanita Kovacevic Mag.phil. Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2299
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9705

please contact for an appointment

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