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Evaluating sustainable transition policies. Normative perspectives

Mittwoch, 18.10.2023

International Conference: "Evaluating sustainable transition policies. Normative perspectives"

October 23, 2023

Further information and program.


Theme: Various criteria for evaluating climate policies have been proposed, including philosophical criteria (pertaining to distributive and compensatory justice as well as well-being), legal criteria (e.g., pertaining to compatibility with human rights law norms and the protection of legitimate expectations), and political criteria (e.g., legitimacy, effectiveness, and feasibility).


At the workshop we hope to discuss papers that address the question of what criteria are relevant for the normative assessment of transformation pathways and how these criteria can be weighed or combined. Papers can be abstract and context-specific.


Organisation: The workshop is part of the international project JustDecarb (https://cicero.oslo.no/no/prosjekter/justdecarb). The one-day workshop is planned for either October 23, 2023.

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